Your Car Doesn't Have to Stop Running to Need an Automotive Mechanic

Many people seek a good mechanic technician when their vehicle has stopped running. While this is necessary, it is not the only time to take your vehicle to the shop. A good mechanic can help you with servicing and repairs, so that you don’t run into unexpected problems that could be both inconvenient and expensive.


A car mechanic most commonly provides general maintenance servicing. Oil changes are needed often. Brake pad replacement is also required frequently because brake pads wear out. A major service will include all safety checks, as well as replacing filters, fluids, spark plugs and timing belt as required.


Many mechanics also service automotive functions that enhance the comfort of your vehicle. Moller’s Mechanical is licensed under the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) to service and repair heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC). This includes system recovery, recharges, diagnostic leak detection and compressor replacements.


Automotive technicians also play an important role when you are purchasing a new or used car. A pre-purchase inspection before you buy could spare you unpleasant surprises. If a car is being sold for an unexpectedly low price, or the vehicle is old or well-worn, it is even more important to get it checked to make sure you aren't buying expensive problems. A pre-purchase inspection with Moller’s will also include background and security checks to make sure that your vehicle does not have debt owing, has not been stolen and/or has not been written off. If a car is new, you may be interested to know common servicing requirements and associated costs.